Annalisa Parent Vermont Event Wedding Photography

Photographer Annalisa Parent being interviewed by Korean Broadcast Systems about her photography.

About Annalisa Parent

Vermont and New Hampshire Photographer

Great photography is about more than just good composition and gorgeous light.  It’s about the perfect location and the right camera equipment.  Great images are all about the subject, which, in this case, is YOU!

I’m going to ask you to be natural, to be yourself.

In twelve years of shooting weddings and portraits, I’ve learned the importance of a client feeling comfortable in front of a camera.  When you feel comfortable, you’ll feel relaxed.  When you’re relaxed, we’ll start taking pictures.

Parent Studios’ images are a collaborative effort between me and the people I photograph. I ask my subjects to trust me. And in return deliver natural, relaxed and beautiful imagery.

Parent Studios’ pictures reflect you and your personality.  I want the focus to be on your happiness and excitement– whether you’re celebrating a walk down the aisle, the newest addition to your family, or the simple beauty of everyday life.

Our time here is short, which makes it even more precious. Our stories and relationships are what connect us, and are some of the most beautiful things.  Revealing your story in a simple, yet beautiful way is something that I would love to share with you.

So take a deep breath, relax, and smile.

Annalisa Parent Golf Tournament
Photographer Annalisa Parent posed with Pro golfer Kyle Blakely while photographing the Sharon Clough Memorial Golf Tournament against lung cancer


Annalisa Parent grew up in New Hampshire and has lived in Vermont since graduating from Middlebury College. She has been photographing weddings and events for over 10 years. Her work has been highlighted in The New York Times, Voice of America News, Earthflux Magazine, on South Korean National Television, and in other local and national publications. In 2012 she was awarded a press pass to photograph President Obama during his campaign stop in Vermont.

From The Simpsons’ Hollywood premiere to President Obama’s visit to Vermont, foliage shoots to weddings, Parent has photographed events all over New England.

She was awarded the Creativity Plus plaque by the Vermont Professional Photographers’ Association, awarded to the image maker displaying the most creativity in any category at the discretion of the judges, for her print “Boston in the Rain.” All of her prints entered earned a ribbon and the honor of being hung in the print gallery at the convention.

She has operated Parent Studios since 2003, and only a few years later was selected by the Vermont Professional Photographers’ Association as Most Promising Newcomer at their 2008 annual convention. She photographs weddings, portraits, and events.